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F&A Cycle is a, “By the Books,” engine shop. We rebuild, refurbish, repair and maintain motorcycle, atv’s, dirt bikes, and more. We acquire a manual for every job we take on and leave the guess work to our competitors. Every nut and bolt will be where its supposed to be with the proper torque specs.

Every machine receives a hand washing before it leaves at no extra charge. Many shops only put in the bare minimum of what the customer requests. F&A Cycle inspects each machine thoroughly and we make the necessary adjustments to give you the best experience you can have on your machine.


  • Parts and Accessories
  • Friendly Service
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Restorations
  • Suspension Tuning
  • Accessories andĀ Apparel
  • Traxxas RC Products
  • Gear (New and Used)
  • Paint

TRAXXAS Products

F&A Cycle stock more than ever for TRAXXAS RC Cars! 100+ MPH right out of the box. Many Upgrades and mods available and in stock. Please like and share to help spread the word.

Checkout our TRAXXAS Products

Detailed Services

Suspension Services

Very few people realize what it is like to ride a motorcycle with the suspension properly tuned for their weight and riding style. Let us give you some free suspension advice and even an adjustment or two.

Carburetor & Fuel Injection

We Clean Carburetors to like new condition. When we clean carburetors they are Really Super Clean inside and out. You will not be disappointed! We also tune Fuel Injection systems as well. We can work with all the latest mapping devices.

Tire & Wheel Service

We have a real Tire Machine and can handle wheels up to 25″ in diameter. You can also bring your new tires here anyway you wish, and we will gladly install them if they were purchased through us.

V-Twin Motorcycles

We gladly work on all makes of V-Twin Motorcycles, including anything from general maintenance, performance upgrades or a complete overhaul.

General Repair Service

Our goal is always to provide the best possible care for our customer’s motorcycles. I want you to be 100% Happy with your repair. We work on nearly all types of motorcycles and most atv’s.


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